What do yo think about the ‘IIT Dream’ madness of parents.

Indian institute of technology (IIT) is a major craze in Indian society mainly among the middle class family. In brief , over last 20 years millions of parents had made mentality that a ticket to IIT is only way to become successful ,have ruined their children’s real talents and interest , robbed them of a normal childhood and adolescence, forced them to go through the long years grinding of coaching classes.

And even then their is probability of only 2%to 3% to go to IIT’s which left them psychologicaly damaged, probably permanent. And that despite the hype not guarantees you a branded career.

Many of the bachelors of IIT & preparation fellow also think ,this type of article should must be promoted on social media so that their internal voice should reach maximum of parents. In my personal view (though I also lost one cream year of my life for cracking this shit) nearly everyone who was, or is, part of the IIT system thought that what I had written was right.

Many of the top educationist has a doughtfull question that why wouldn’t we have more IIT’s(40 to 50) instead of the current 23, wouldn’t that ease a problem a lot? But you know in the recent years even the top IIT’s have find it hard to hire a branded and quality faculty, so that’s easier said than done. Besides DTU Delhi &BITS Pilani was providing better education than the newly made IIT’s & recruiters know this very well. parents needs to inform carefully about this and not stay mesmerized by the IIT brand.
But there is no way parents can realize their folly in coercing their children to study engineering, unless large numbers of children themselves rebel.

Till 90’s career in engineering & medical were seen by the most people as only way that guarantees their children a better life .Today there are many more profession that pay very well for merit and talent. These parents must be shaken awake.

Studies like a recent one done in IIT-Kharagpur on students’ mental health issues must be publicized. The survey found that 84% BTech students felt that mental health was a real problem on the campus, 72% had experienced anxiety or depression and, among them, 24% had thought of suicide. Becides they speak of severe stress about living up to parents’ career aspirations post-IIT, and their inability to pursue their own passions.
Several respondent statements are cries for help: That society must make parents aware that they “should not force their dreams onto their children and give them the freedom to make mistakes and fail from time ,to time”.

So, people what do you think..?

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